Video Poker rules

Poker is an interesting and exciting game where strategic skill is needed, while the slot machines entertain the player with very high winnings as well as great animations and bonus rounds. Video Poker is an interesting combination of both games. To play poker you need good nerves and strategy; slots are, however, based solely on luck. Video Poker offers a little more challenge than slots, but without the stress you are exposed at a poker table.

Play Video Poker

In the land-based casinos and in the virtual playing halls, you can find more than 100 different variants of this fascinating game. But with all video poker variants, the player is playing against the machine and all versions are based on the five-card hand. Therefore it is very important to analyse the values ​​of the cards before playing on the video poker machine. Anything else you think you know about poker should be forgotten.

The goal of the game is to achieve a winning combination of cards. The payout, which the respective combination provides is taken from the payout table. But first you make your bet. Then, five cards are distributed by random number generator. By the way, it is certainly interesting to know that 2,598,960 hands can be produced.

Choosing the right cards

After the five cards have been handed out, the interesting part of the game begins because now it is time to make the right choice. The player can keep or discard cards to get new ones instead. There are no limits, you can discard all cards or keep them all.

Under the cards is a “Hold” button, which is operated when you want to keep the cards. Once you have made your choice, the “Deal” button is pressed and you receive new cards instead of the ones you discarded. You can then see from the table whether you have made a profit.

What is important in video poker

In video poker, it is most important to recognise the cards and play them off. This game is very simple and is extremely popular in the players community. A further attractive aspect is that a skillful player can get an odds of up to 100%. The payout table is very helpful to quickly recognise the respective card hand.

Since there are many different variants, the payout tables also differ. For the player, this means that it would be very wise to study the table carefully before playing. It is also not advantageous to play an unknown variant. The most popular video poker games are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. A wise player concentrates on a few games whose features and rules he knows exactly. To find the best version, it is recommended to test the games in the game money mode before investing real money. If you play in a mindful and concentrated way, it is quite possible to elicit a respectable sum from the slot.

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