Roulette is certainly the most famous casino game and for many good reasons. There is hardly any other game which has raised more questions about winning strategies. These questions existed already at the very beginning and in the age of Internet roulette has not changed. On the contrary, the strategies have become even more serious and many players think they have a long-term advantage by exploiting the possibilities of online roulette. Because at the online roulette there are no cameras or croupiers who observe the players. You can also turn the wheel 100 times before you even bet one euro. This is hardly possible in a real casino and just because of that more and more players are trying to gain the decisive advantage, without success.

What you need to know is that roulette has strategies and systems, but they can not beat the house in the long run. If you understand that, the win chances are good and you will also enjoy yourself at the roulette tables.

Strategies and probabilities

If you are looking for the best and most effective strategies, you can take a look here. In contrast to many other websites we do not claim that you will win with these roulette strategies and this is simply not possible. What is possible, is to lower the house edge to a minimum, in order to have maximum enjoyment. For this, it is absolutely necessary to get yourself familiar with the probabilities. Of course, not everyone is in this situation but you cannot avoid this dry subject if you want to be successful at the roulette tables. It is also a fact that there is no simple recipe and everyone has to decide for themselves which strategy they choose and how they are pursuing it. For everybody, who can not get enough of the mathematics of roulette we have put this article online: roulette simulation.

Roulette in the Internet vs. live

Live Roulette is a classic game and everyone who has ever played in a real casino will also have noticed that live roulette is very special. There are now innovations like live dealer roulette which is quite close to the real roulette but still the mood in a real casino can not be conveyed – at least for the hardcore gamblers who prefer to play in the real casino than online. Online roulette has its advantages. There are players who doubt that the online casinos are playing fair but there is no need to have concerns about it especially if you are playing in a reputable casino. There, in fact, an RNG is used which in the long delivers even better results than a real roulette wheel.