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What do you think is the best online casino? Which casino is the most popular? Which casino plays fair? Where are the best offers? So many questions. We would like to answer them all for you. We will let other players, just like you, to decide. The best casino will be given the “CasinoFreakz Award”.

Our goal is to find a casino which has the best performance according to casino gamblers. After all, this benefits all existing and future CasinoFreakz.
In our opinion, the best casinos are the following:



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You are welcome can discuss in the comments. You can suggest a new casino or tell your opinion about any of the casinos. But there are also a few rules: if you are somehow related to a particular casino or know the owner, please don’t forget to mention it. Besides, do not criticise if you can not prove it. “I feel like they are cheating because I lost 100 euros” is not an honest opinion but rather a slander. Please avoid such comments.

We wish you happy commenting and voting!

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