Online blackjack for real money

For many casino visitors blackjack is their favorite game. The result doesn’t depend only on luck, it is quick and makes a lot of fun. The game rules are learned quickly and with the optimal Blackjack strategy you can reduce the dealer’s advantage to a minimum, so you can have a lot of fun and complete many sessions with a profit.

Of course, you can also play Blackjack in an online casino. To do this, you first have to consider whether you prefer to play with a software on the computer or experience a real casino feeling. With the latter method I recommend you to look for a provider which also offers live blackjack tables. You won’t have to look for long because live tables are very popular now. There, a camera films a real dealer and you play from your own home against a real person.

We recommend you to choose one of the casinos, which got good reviews on Casinofreakz. But before you play for money we would recommend you to play blackjack for free in order to get yourself familiar with the software. It does not matter whether it is a program which you have to install on your computer or it is directly in the browser. The user experience is in both alternatives top-notch.


Depositing real money

Many gamblers are afraid to play for real money because they fear that online casinos are less reliable. We see it differently. The big companies are honest but it is simply a fact that in the long run players lose more money than they win. Otherwise, there would be no casinos on the Internet.

Even so, you have to stick to the most important rule in gambling: play only with money you can lose without any problems! And if you do not have the money then it’s better to gamble for free than to lose your hard earned euros. This is not only for blackjack but also for other casino games.

With regard to payment options, the variety in online casinos is almost as large as the number of games offered. It is even possible to play for real money without a credit card. Popular payment methods accepted by most vendors are: transfer via bank (takes just a few days), ClickandBuy, EntroPay (virtual Visa credit card), PayPal (eg in 888Casino), Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), Neteller, WebMoney. As a rule, both deposits and payments are possible with these payment methods.

Make sure that you make a research about different bonuses before you gamble for real money for the first time. Casinos are tempting players to make high deposits by offering bonuses. At least, as long as the bonus is still running you have some protection against losses. Most of the time bonus offers are very attractive. It is worthwhile to get all the necessary information first. There are certain conditions that must be fulfilled, such as a minimum number of bets which can vary between different games (like slots or blackjack).


Useful tips for blackjack

In the following we will give you some tips on how to play online blackjack with real money.

First of all, you should get yourself familiar with the Blackjack game rules. Many beginners don’t know, for example, that they can double down or split and that in certain situations can use an insurance.

Next, you should read about blackjack strategies, see more in our article or in this Wikipedia article. Basically, it is about understanding that the cards on the table and your two cards have an influence on your strategies. So it is not always worth to draw more cards until you have 17 or more points.

The next tip should be kept in mind: play only with bets that are low in relation to what you have paid. This is the great mistake of most. They pay an amount, e.g. 100 euros, and then they sit down at a blackjack table where the standard rate is 10 euros. If they have lost 10 times, the money is already gone. It is better to play bets which amount to only 1%, but not more than 2-5% of the sum paid. So even with a lot of bad luck is ensured that you can play for a long time for real money, before the next deposit is due. Otherwise, you can play again by virtual money.