Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack – with strategy against the dealer?

Every player knows that blackjack is not without a reason one of the most popular card game in the world. Of course there is charm that goes with every game of chance. However, blackjack can not be solely influenced by luck and thus is partially based on skills and decisions. At the same time, the game is relatively easy to play. Furthermore, you win in a nearly “legendary” ratio of 3 to 2 even though the bet is usually small and manageable. That definitely sounds great but even though the chances are favorable, there couldn’t be a win guarantee. Or could it?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to playing blackjack because only few players want to rely on their luck. Very promising strategies include a legendary card counting, splitting, basic strategy, betting and last but not least doubling down. But do they really do what they promise?

Do tactics really matter?

Here opinions tend to differ. The cards counting actually has a very high success rate, but not everybody uses it and is forbidden in almost every prestigious casino in the world. In the 1960, Edward O. Thorps was the inventor of card counting. With the help of a computer, he decided that players could better estimate their win chances by keeping an eye on the cards that have already been displayed. It is a reasonable theory. Then just increase or decrease after every laid out card or those of the dealer. The problem is that they need to be very concentrated. In addition, players should be good in mental arithmetic because only one miscalculated card can result in failure.

But the fact is that newcomers are discouraged from counting, even though with some expertise, experience and know-how it becomes automatic. Counting can be very practical. However, if you do not calculate all the moves, you will not achieve the desired result.

Strategies for success: how effective are they?

Slightly less controversial strategies are the usual and therefore popular betting strategies of blackjack. These include basic strategy, betting, doubling down and splitting. It should be mentioned that each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are less risky and therefore less appealing. Others are only useful and recommended in certain gaming systems and situations. Before dealing with specific strategies, for example, you should take a look at the entire blackjack strategy table – that’s a basic strategy. Because here are all the worthwhile strategies that have been discovered and listed so far. In this way you can quickly assess how high the chances are to exceed 21 during the game.

In betting strategy, however, everything is about the possibility of losing. That means you don’t ask yourself what you can win, but what can you lose. So to speak, you risk everything you want to risk – with the option to win. The advantage of splitting is that you get as many cards as you want for each hand. But the strategy does not always work. Particularly not, when you have two aces because in splitting they lose their blackjack status. Therefore, tens and face cards should never be split. In doubling down you can quickly double your points for a short-term. The disadvantage is that only one card is received. On the other hand, no strategy promises a success. Nonetheless, with the right strategy you can balance the losses and wins pretty well and even get a significant win here and there.

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