Live dealer roulette – great combination!

The live dealer trend came up a few years ago and somehow everyone wanted to try it out. You could not visit a forum or talk about online casinos without the live dealer topic always coming up. Some were absolutely thrilled but I really could not understand the trend. It was then quickly quiet again and one could again have conversations about bonuses, jackpots and mobile games. Last month I came back to live roulette and I have to tell you honestly that I was thrilled. At the beginning, the software was not yet well developed but now it definitely is. But enough talk, lets look at the facts!

At the live dealer roulette you can virtually sit down at a casino table. You have the croupier (usually a nice-looking lady) on the screen and underneath you sit at a virtual roulette table as you can find it in any online casino. There you place your bets. The nice lady turns the wheel and then gives one where the ball has landed. Today it is even partially automatically recognised so that she doesn’t need to do anything but just keep smiling into the camera. Then, the profits are displayed as you are used to. It is not very complicated and anyone with a little experience with online casinos will not have any problems with live roulette.

The question you should ask yourself is whether live roulette is the right thing for you or perhaps you should rather stay with the classic online roulette. The question is actually quite simple to answer. The easiest way is to register yourself at a live casino and take a look. It takes only a few minutes and you can upload your own picture. I find this personally always better than googling for hours to collect information.

A good option is, for example, 888 who have targeted on live dealers from the early start. At a time when it was anything but certain whether the trend will continue or not.

Live dealer casinos are mostly for players who value the well-kept casino entertainment and also have some necessary patience. Someone who can hardly wait to rotate the reels on the slot machine will certainly not have much fun with live roulette. Yes, it just takes a bit longer but the kind ladies do look good.

Then, live roulette is actually for people who appreciate the atmosphere of a real casino. That is not for many, especially not for those who have grown up with online casinos. For example, I have been maybe around 20 times in a real casino. Online I have already played hundreds of times (if it is enough …). There should be real online gamblers who have never seen a real casino from the inside. They probably can’t even guess what does it look like there.

The right casino

During the live dealer trend many new casinos have been shot and everyone all of them believed to be the best live casino in the world. They were offering everything from roulette to blackjack, hold’em and baccarat. Personally, I have never joined the bandwagon and thought to myself: the most important thing with online casinos is the security, after all there is real money in the game and if I win, I want to be sure I get paid out. At the big and well-known casinos I have never had such problems. But what about completely new casinos? You never know for sure. Sure it could be serious but it can also be otherwise. If I google ‘live roulette’, I don’t find a lot of information but quite a few online casinos which have this search term. Just something like that. This casino I have never seen before but it appears here at once. Then, the page looks unprofessional and it is clear that the live aspect should be highlighted. Personally, I would not trust my money for this website. Of course, this is my very own opinion but it is actually well justified.