The best online slots

Of course, choosing the best slot machine is always subjective. There is no doubt that it is not possible to choose something like “the best slot“. Nevertheless, there are objective measures that can be applied to express the quality of a slot machine. These measures are quite objective because things like payoff rate or jackpots amount is fixed and not subjective. Therefore, the weighting of these measurements is very different from player to player. While one may want to have a large progressive jackpot, the other player may look at the payout rate. In this article, we would like to show some of these criterias to find out which slot machine is probably the best.

Payoff rate

This feature can not be classified high enough because it determines the house’s advantage and has a great influence on the long-term loss of a player. Higher payoff ratio is better for the player. While offline slots usually have a very bad payoff rate, the advantage with online slot machines is that it is relatively high. Because an online casino does not have to buy, set up and maintain the arcade hall. In online casino everything is much easier and an additional slot machine costs practically nothing. That is why very high payout rates can be up to 99%. So if you select a favourite slot machine, then the payoff rate is probably between 95% and 99%.

Now there are first difficulties. Only because the payoff rate of a slot is low does not mean that this machine is bad. Slots with a progressive jackpot, for example, have a bad payout rate (a part of the money has to flow into the jackpot and is not distributed if you do not crack). But a slot machine with a very high jackpot can even reach a payout rate of over 100%.

The payout rate means can not be a single feature and the jackpot must also be taken into account. It is, however, different if you compare two slot machines that do not have a jackpot. Then you should of course pick the slot with the highest payout rate.

Trends and popularity

This is a difficult subject but the assumption behind it is very simple. It is assumed that more popular slot machines are better. This is, however, not a perfect argument because you can make a lot of advertising for a slot machine which is actually really bad (poor payout rate, no jackpot, no bonuses, etc.) and so it becomes better rated than the rest.

This is quite clear with Book of Ra, the most famous slot machine ever. This can also be seen directly when compared with other slot machines such as Mega Moolah in Google Trends:

Here you can clearly see how extremely the search volume differs according to Book of Ra from the rest. Nevertheless, it is very controversial and with if we take criteria into account it can barely be described as the best slot. That’s why the popularity has to be enjoyed with a lot of caution, otherwise you only run after the crowd and spend your time with slot machines which are not really fun at all.

Offered casinos

Of course, the number and quality of the casinos that offer a slot machines is also crucial. If you play on a great slot machine which is offered by a single and very bad casino, this is certainly not the best choice. The more casinos offer a slot machine and the better they are, the higher is the quality of a slot. A good example is Microgaming. These slot machines are offered by dozens of casinos and it is really no problem to find a good one among them and change after you have used the bonus or simply not satisfied.

Features in the game: wild, scatter symbols and bonus game

As far as the symbols and bonus games are concerned, everyone has their own opinion but there are tendencies that indicate a clear direction. This means that wild and scatter symbols are always welcome. Likewise, one likes to play a bonus game. But this does not necessarily have to be always the case. There are players who do not want to interrupt their action by such a bonus game and that is also understandable.


The jackpots topic has already been approached here. Jackpots always sound very good but they are also somehow subjective. Because the bigger the jackpot, the more tempting it is for the player. However, a high jackpot usually means a bigger house advantage. If you do not win the jackpot, then you’ll pay casino more than without a jackpot.

It depends on the risk setting of the players. If they are more inclined to high fluctuations, i.e. high profits and frequent losses, then they are well served with a good jackpot. However, if they want steady wins and little variation, then they should stay away from large progressive jackpots and choose a slot with a high payout ratio.

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