This is how casino games must be: real money slots in casinos

So if you would ask me an honest opinion: I would say that slot machines are simply great. I play every day but not long when I’m not winning. That means that I mostly get by with 20 euros and if I notice that it is not working I try it again the next day. But if I am successful I make much more from this amount within a short time. This possibility is only provided by slot machines. When I think about it: yesterday I made 800 euros with 50 cent stakes within a good half an hour. There were three or four nice winnings. To achieve the same with blackjack or roulette I would need some hours, maybe even days. Furthermore, the game should really go well all the time and I would need to play at the highest level. Other games are also no better, apart from perhaps Video Poker where you can win a lot of money with a Royal Flush. But also this is certainly not the rule and to be honest I never had one even though I play it for quite a long time.

So for me, there is no doubt: slots are the best casino games if you want a lot of action and the prospect of a jackpot. One of them can change a whole life and the chances are much better than playing the lottery. Therefore, I do not play lottery and instead I invest more in slot machines or casino games in general – which is simply fair and the payout is much better.

However, not every slot machine is the same and also there are some differences in the casinos. What I am not so keen on are the slot machines that are advertised everywhere like Novoline and Mercury. Especially Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot. I mean, it’s nice and good when advertising is made but I do not have to jump there as a player. But that is exactly what many do. They even go so far and only want to play in casinos with these exact slot machines. For me, it would be much more important to have a serious and secure casino that I can rely on and where the bonus offer is good. This is especially necessary when you use real money. But the bad thing is, that these few slot machines are offered practically only by two suppliers. So one restrict himself completely and actually that makes no sense. But well, there seem to be so many who do not care and even play with real money in these casinos. I do not want to say that they are bad but for me, a few points are very important when I play with real money at slots:

  1. The casino must be reliable
  2. My payout must arrive
  3. The payout rate for the slot machines must be high
  4. Promotions and offers must be attractive

And if I have to play at one or two casinos then it is very unlikely that all this is present. But enough of it. If you are not too limited with the slot machines, then you will also find the right casino and have a lot of joy and no problems.

At the moment (that is for 3 years) I prefer to gamble at Microgaming Casinos and that is because the selection is so great, there are many providers, the Jackpots are high and there are so many slots as nowhere else. I could try different slot machines every 5 minutes and would be busy for several hours. There is no other place like this and it is also the best choice in the Internet. In fact, you can also create your own slots. It’s basically a nice idea but I haven’t tried it because in my opinion it has little charm. Theoretically, you can upload your own symbols, determine which are wild, whether there is scatter, etc. Only the payout structure you can not turn, so you could go with a plus. That all would be too nice, of course. What I very appreciate is that you can also play without download and therefore it does not matter if you are on Mac, PC or even iPhone or iPad. Basically I think that in the future it will go exactly in this direction and each casino must offer this possibility. Especially mobile games are increasingly becoming popular, whether roulette, slots, blackjack or another casino game.

At the moment I like to play at Spin Palace Casino. I’ve been there for almost two years and can not complain at all. I regularly receive bonus offers and I am rewarded with real money for my deposits. At the beginning it was very important to me to try out any game with free money. I like to get a picture of it and be sure that I have understood everything before I start investing. The best thing to do is register with one of the casinos with a good rating!

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