Roulette Casinos

If you land on our side, you certainly know the game of roulette. Roulette is the most popular casino game and is played much more frequently than Blackjack or Slots. Although the game is very easy to understand, it is worth to take a look at the roulette rules as well as the probabilities of individual bets.

It is clear that roulette is a lot of fun. It is also clear, however, that you can not earn money in the long run with roulette. The game is designed so, that the casino wins in the long run. There are also no roulette systems with which one can predict the next number or colour, either in a casino or at an online provider. However, roulette is one of the most fair and thus best casino games. No matter what strategy you have, you lose only 2.7% of your bet per round. In the French roulette with only one “0” (zero) the chances are with the simple odds at 18/37, which is almost 50%. The mistake that most players make is that they bet too much. However, if you pay 1000 euros and then only spend 10 euros on the simple odds like red/black or even/odd, you have the best chances to have at least a part of your money even after several hundred stakes. This is actually the only system that can be used in casinos with roulette: always make small bets on the simple chances and don’t risk of losing everything with one big bet.

Another way to lose as little money as possible in online roulette casinos is to benefit from the bonus offers. A bonus is something that does not exist in the live casinos, apart from the free drinks at the casinos in Las Vegas. After downloading the software and the registration you get a high bonus at all online providers on the first deposit, which is often several hundred euros or dollars. However, you do not get this money for free: before you can make a withdrawal, you might need to convert the bonus dollar 30 times, for example. If you are not lured by tables with the high stakes, then you can play with the free money for a very long time and have the chance to pay out.

You can also play roulette in casinos for free with real money. Some vendors give away, for example, 8$ to new players with which you can gamble directly after downloading the software. The casino gives you the chance to experience the game of real money with the intention of making your own deposits later.

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