Slot machine bonus comparison

We would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the best game bonuses. We’ve been doing a lot of research and talking to players over the last few weeks and can already tell you which bonuses are really recommendable this year and which are not. Fact is: there are a lot of new casinos established in the market contain a surprising amount of power. For example, the popularity of LeoVegas is not possible to simply dismiss, even though they have only been online since 2012. They have an excellent offer – a really good welcome package and bonuses on the first four deposits.

Bonus on the deposits

The trend is clear: a bonus is not just for the first deposit. Today, in good casinos there are bonuses on the first three or even four deposits. This is great deal for every player because s/he gets what is offered when s/he registers in a casino and starts playing. In the past, it was often the case that you changed back after the first deposit bonus – these times are more or less over.

It should also be noted that bonuses are fairly balanced. A very attractive bonus is very rarely offered on the first deposit and later you have to be satisfied with 25% up to €50 bonuses. A mistake you shouldn’t make is to calculate in advance how much you would like to deposit. Although you do not always know at what times you will be on a roll or not. But before that you should set a limit and distribute the funds accordingly. It does not worth to waste the first deposit if the bonus is maximum €100 with a budget of €1000. Also, for the first time it makes no sense to deposit very little and for the second deposit a big amount of money when there is only 25% bonus on top of the deposit sum.

Free spins

Free spins are now very rare without any deposit. They are given in campaigns or in addition to the deposit bonus. It means you may get an email from the casino saying something like “hey, we have some new slot machines. Try it out with 5 free spins!”. For the deposit bonus it is often like this: pay something, get €150 as a bonus and 100 free spins for all machines. Cool stuff. But casinos are no longer keen on players who just want to grab free spins and free money.

VIP Bonus

A VIP bonus is tailored to players who make high deposits in the four-digit range. Not distributed to the whole year but on just one deposit. If you belong to the exclusive circle of the VIPs you will naturally receive accordingly better offers. The maximum amount is not at €200-300 but rather at €1000. However, the transitions are smooth and there is no clear boundary between “normal” players and VIPs. Thus, at some casinos the VIP bonuses are already so far down that even the “normal” players can also afford it. However, often you should keep your hands off this. If you only have €300 budget to deposit, a bonus for €1000 deposit brings quite a little because you rarely get many free spins.

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