Play at slot machines for free

Many players dream to simply play free of charge at slots and they imagine it like this: one signs at an online casino, gets money gifts, leaves the casino if loses and keeps the money if wins. It usually sounds that simple only in the theory. It’s very unlikely that an online casino would just give away the money. Luckily, in slot machines you have a little more room for free games because there are free spins which you can use. You do not get the money into the bank account, instead of that you get a credit which allows you to spin a few times at a certain or all slot machines. Free spins are very popular but it is not always easy to find. Also, you have to look and choose the casino very carefully.

The same applies to free money. While free spins are only for slots, with free money you can choose, for example, roulette or blackjack. In case of the free money, the player’s account is credited with a small but nice sum of money which can be paid out if you have it implemented several times.

365 free spins in 888 Casino

The 888 Casino came up with a very special offer. While most casinos simply give about 10 free spins for a certain time, 888 has decided to give the bonus for a very long period of time, namely, an entire year. Each day players can enjoy free spins. Altogether there are 365 gratis spins, which should not be missed. The best thing about this offer is not the free spins, but the fact that one is saved from hopping from casino to casino always looking for the current free spins offers. Here one must honestly say that 888 has come up with something very good.

25 Euro free money in EuropaCasino

The EuropaCasino has a somewhat different offer. This is surely less spectacular but old and proved. Because you get 25 Euros for free in your account and can play wherever you want. And, of course, just at slot machines. Theoretically you can have a nice start with this amount and will be able to have a lot of fun with low bets. Even if it is tempting: you should not put the whole sum at once or play with too large amounts. Then the money is disappears faster than you may imagine.

What do you need to pay attention to in regards of free money and spins?

These offerings for many sound too good to be true but to be honest, there is no catch. So yes, there are casinos which credit you account with 25 euros or award with 10 free spins. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to be considered.

The first thing to look out for is whether the offer is still valid. Often you can find a certain offers on websites or in forums. There will be advertised, for example, 10 free spins at casino XY and one should sign up. After you do so, you may realise that there are no more free spins and you have registered for nothing. The best thing to do is ask the support or get information on the casinos page to see if the offer is still valid.

To avoid this, it is recommended to simply register with 888 and get an offer with 1 year free spins. In this case you do not have to sign up at all the different casinos and you can be sure that you get your offer.

With free money is very important, that one finds out whether he or she can receive the money with or without deposit. There are, however, casinos with “20 euro for free!” and in the end you get the 20 euro only as a bonus after you have deposited the set amount. It is irritating when you register just to find that there is actually no real free money.

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