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One of the oldest online casinos, which has always been considered as an insider tip is the CasinoClub. We would like to know your experience with CasinoClub and whether you would recommend this casino.


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Our opinion about CasinoClub

I find the CasinoClub can be described as serious and modest. What I mean is that this casino was already before the turn of the century. It has established itself in the German market quite quickly and already in the early 2000s, many players were able enjoy it. Well,at that time online casinos were something completely new and millions of players wanted to gamble online. Today, a very large part of these players are still playing at the CasinoClub. Some of them do not think about quitting it. There are still great bonus offers and they stay at the CasinoClub. This casino is also pretty much the only one that really places emphasis on these loyal players. Therefore, annual real meetings are organised. And these are not partisan parties, which some German insurers arrange for their top sellers but rather discreet meetings on which one feels welcome and well cared.

But these are the things that players like and I can totally understand that. I am only in the beginning of my 30s but I can understand how one could not ignore all the pretty ladies and the 1500 euro bonus offers.

Of course, this has not only advantages. For example, the CasinoClub was one of the last casinos to make their site responsive, so you can read the content with smartphones and tablets. Apps did not exist for a long time, but this has changed in 2017. Bottom line, the casino is certainly good and recommendable. Especially for players with a weakness for roulette and the attractive offers. Here you can look around the CasinoClub:

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CasinoClub experiences, 2.5 out of 5 based on 48 ratings

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