Roulette systems and fraud

Systems have always been part of the game, even in roulette. Since the beginning when this beautiful game has entered the world of the casinos, many have been trying certain systems to win. Whether by the manipulation of wheels or by using elaborate material, many like to know the probabilities where the ball will land. Since there is roulette, there are also players who try to profit from it and they often use every mean available. Because of the the Internet, simple systems and fraud in roulette have reached a new dimension and therefore casinos and players need to be careful. Roulette strategy has already been discussed in this article, it will also show why you can not beat the casino and win the roulette in the long term.

First of all, the term roulette system needs to be explained and show different existing systems. Mainly roulette systems will be discussed. Afterwards we dedicate ourselves to the online systems, which are surely a barrel without ground since new systems are revealed daily and obviously every system is better than the other. So we can go straight to the topic of the roulette fraud, which in our opinion is a very important subject. Losing money while playing roulette is one thing, but quite another is believing that you have a reliable system with which you can only win and then all of a sudden you lose. This is what we want to prevent, so we show the modern methods and stitches.

Roulette systems at live roulette

The following section deals with the topic of systems at live roulette. It is not about playing on the Internet, but about live tables which of allow a lot more possibilities to get a good system.

Wheel mistakes

Yes, it is not possible to win roulette long-term. Unless irregularities can be exploited at tables or the wheel can be manipulated in any way. If you have an opportunity to evaluate a roulette table for a long time and collect a lot of data, then you can adjust the probabilities. However, this is a science in itself and you really need a lot of data. You can record the results the whole day for a whole week at a roulette table and when you have noted the first 1000 turns, you get house ban because of the conspicuous behaviour and not playing yourself, or the table is changed, or you may find no irregularities at all. A wheel mistake (see Wikipedia) can take loads of time to find and even if one has found it, it is questionable whether one can also make money from the wheel mistake. Imagine you find that at a table a certain group of numbers (adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel) is 1.5% more frequent than it should, then you can not even overcome the house advantage with these 1.5% and in principle will still be playing without advantage. Conclusion: the search for wheel mistakes is not worth it.

Wheel watch

Better are methods like wheel watch. This is a science in itself too. One tries to get some insight into the roulette wheel before the famous saying “Rien ne va plus” takes place, in other words you can still put bets even though the wheel is already turning. With certain methods it is possible to recognise very early in which area the ball will probably land. Among other things, the problem here is the diamond-shaped obstacles in the wheel which always cause differences. Even the croupiers are not robots, they do not throw and turn always the same. However, there are already some tendencies and patterns. No casino allows a laser apparatus to be installed.

Online roulette systems

It is actually very amusing to read what kind of systems there are and how inventive some people have become. There is no doubt that the number of roulette systems are as the sand of the sea and mainly due to the fact that it is firstly a dream of many people, and secondly, providers of such systems can make a lot of money.

I think, anyone who does not dream of winning a few thousand euros without much effort in the Internet lies. At least if you know how hard it is to work and to drive daily at 6 o’clock to work. At the latest then, one thinks how pleasant it would be to make money online. And behold, there are the opportunities to earn money with roulette.

The methods are always the same: the player is taught half-truths and how easy it is to win with money in roulette. One of the simplest method is the martingale strategy. This is a strategy with which an unsuspecting person may think he can only win. That’s a misconception! Even with this strategy you can not earn money in the long run.

Roulette fraud on the Internet

It is always a tricky thing to talk about fraud, but it is probably the most accurate name for what you need to find in many roulette systems. Before we talk about fraud, you should take a look at what it is. Fraud is anyone who causes an unlawful fortune to himself or a third person, damages the property of another person by provoking or maintaining an error by pretending to be false or by distorting or repressing true facts.

But what does this mean in the context of roulette systems? It is about “fraudulent representations” – because that is precisely applicable to such systems. Their providers claim that one can make money with this method, although they know that it is not possible. They simply sell their eBook or refer to online casinos where you can try the unbeatable system. It does not always have to be a false promise, but it is often simply marginal. Whoever claims that he is a professional roulette player and has been playing for 8 years, then recommends the readers online casinos and writes somewhere that it is only possible to win small amount, then that is basically nothing else but dubious. There are other examples that claim to earn 5000 euros a month with roulette, of course without bringing any evidence.

Even if you don’t an eBook, the provider of such system can make money by recommending you to an online casino and get a commission for it. This is faster than you think. One becomes enthusiastic about a system that thinks “it must work!”, then clicks on the next link to an online casino, starts playing there and the provider gets money. This sounds like a simple way to make money and that is exactly what it is.

The best advice that can be given in connection with online roulette systems is:

if someone claims about making money with a certain system and wants you to make some sort of action (eg buying an eBook, software or play at a certain online casino) click the red cross at the top right!

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