Jackpot! Progressive jackpots at slots

There is probably no one who does not dream of winning a really big jackpot and for a good reason: because a real jackpot win can not only bring in a few thousand euros, but maybe even make you a millionaire. This happens relatively regularly and there are already hundreds of players who have become multimillionaires. Jackpots are also the main reason why slots have become so interesting. Because they have the potential to change one’s life. If you play roulette , you can “only” win 35 times the original bet. This can only make you a millionaire if you bet several thousand euros and that make only a very few. Because of the lack of strategies and game possibilities, slot machines are usually not at the top of the popularity scale. But if you have the chance to make millions with a few euro bets or even just with free spins, then nobody can resist these machines!

Network progressive jackpots

A progressive jackpot heavily depends on the fact that many players contribute at the same time. If you only contribute yourself, you can only win what you paid – that’s boring. However, if thousands of players deposit a small part into the jackpot, then a really big pot will be created – and that makes progressive jackpots so interesting!

For this reason, the network jackpots are the best, these are slot machines where many players contribute at the same time. It does not matter if you play at the PartyCasino, 888 Casino or anywhere else, if you play at the slot machine, there is also a large pool of players who can contribute something. Let’s take a look at the individual networks and their progressive jackpots:


Each network has its flagship slot machines, which has the largest amount of players. And these are mostly also slot machines with a high progressive jackpots. This is where network effect appears. The more players are gambling on a machine, the bigger the jackpot and the bigger the jackpot, the more attractive it will be to players.

In Microgaming, Mega Moolah is a slot machine that has already made many millionaires. There the progressive jackpot rises very fast and is also cracked at regular intervals (about 1-2 weeks). This is exactly what a jackpot should look like. It shouldn’t be cracked too often and not too seldom (more about this later). The sums are usually between 500,000 euros and 3 million euros, although there are of course deviations.

In addition to Mega Moolah, there are other jackpots, such as King Cashalot or Major Millions. Both are also of decent size but are not quite close to Mega Moolah. The winning amounts are usually between 100,000 and 600,000 euros and they are cracked a little bit more frequently than the Mega Moolah jackpot.

Boss Media

Boss Media is not the first choice for some slot machine players because the choice of slots is not as great as many would like. Actually, this concern is unfounded. The Boss Media machines are of a very high quality and they are constantly evolving. Anyone who stays away from Boss Media Casino because of the lack of slot machines, makes a serious mistake. Boss Media is absolutely the leader in progressive jackpots. And this is because the focus is on a very few slot machines.

Especially worth mentioning is Aladdins Lamp with an incredible progressive jackpot, which also goes in the direction of 5 million euro! There is hardly a jackpot that leaves the casino with “only” 6-digit amounts. Of course, the Aladdins Lamp jackpot is quite rarely given, so that you do not claim such a high jackpot every few days.

In addition to Aladdins Lamp is also to mention Super 7 Super and Formula X Grand. Both offer decent progressive jackpots and Super 7 Super is a slot machine that seeks its match.


Playtech is also very far up and many casinos offer slots with this software. For this reason, a lot gamblers are contributing to progressive jackpots.

The flagship of Playtech is the BeachLife slot machine. Millions of euros are regularly distributed, although they may not be as high as Aladdins Lamp. But they are also won more often, because they are similarly popular. Also good slot machines to win progressive jackpots at Playtech are Gold Rally 8 Lines and Jackpot Darts.

What makes a good jackpot stand out?

It is not just the amount that makes a good jackpot. And this is actually intuitively understandable because first you should ask yourself how often this sum is paid out. If the progressive jackpot was once 10 million, but otherwise only 200,000 euros then this is by no means a great jackpot even if there was an extremely high payment. Second, you should know how often the jackpot is paid out. The more frequently, the better – at least when the sums are right. If a 2,000 euro jackpot is paid out every day, this is certainly not satisfactory – at least not for those who want to earn really high profits. Thirdly, you need to consider the expected value. Ideally, you have a high progressive jackpot, which is often paid out and with a slot machine that has a high payout rate (without taking the jackpot). In reality, such slot can’t be found and therefore compromises have to be made. If one is feeling risky, they might tend to choose a particularly high jackpot and accept a bad payout ratio. If one wants to take less risk, they should consider the better payout ratio, lower jackpot and the jackpot paid out frequency. This maximises the chance to win something, even if it is not 12 million euros.

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