Blackjack, or also referred to as 21, is certainly one of the most popular casino games together with roulette and the most popular card game along with Poker. Blackjack has always attracted mathematicians and gamblers, especially because it was possible to beat the house at live blackjack and make money in the long run. As crazy as it may sound, but anyone who has watched the Film 21 knows what it is. Because by means of so-called card counting, it is actually possible to obtain a decisive advantage and to increase the chances of winning. Many people have tried this and were successful! But casinos are smart and in the meantime have many methods against card counters. Therefore, they often have to resort to unfair methods that can observe the players and, if they are suspicious, even throw them out of the casino. Of course, there are also players who have no plans to count cards, but that is unavoidable. Counting cards is not a fraud in the sense that you simply optimize your strategy by legal means, but casinos can decide for themselves who they want to have in their house and card counters do not usually belong to it.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a game where you have a lot of options and this is always a good thing, even though it may be a little confusing at first. Thanks to the multitude of options, the best decision is much closer and has more scope. You are punished for bad decisions and rewarded for good, meaning that you can keep the house edge very, very low with optimal decisions. There is even the possibility to win in the long run by incorporating available cards into the decision. Often, you need fellow players who help to influence the game. Such techniques are not possible online, that means you can not achieve positive expectations with the best decisions. However, online casinos are offering players the opportunity to experience the thrills you get when you play blackjack online without any of the financial risk.

There is a simple recipe that tells you when to play. You can download a table, which practically gives the right move for each case. If you look which two cards you have and which cards the dealer has, you will be able to make the decision based on this information. However, it is better to understand why you should play that way in certain situations because only then you really understand the game and learn to make the right decisions.