Real money casino games for Android smartphones and tablets

Android is the most widely used operating system for smartphones and other mobile devices and it is quite logical to ask how these devices are actually used to access the online casino. Nowadays, hardly anyone is going to a real casino, especially since there are not only plenty of casino games on the Internet but also a lot of bonuses and extras like the enormously helpful casino bonus can be offered for players. The mobile casino for Android mobile phones is a flexible, exciting platform which can be used by everyone and in response to this trend the slots providers have adjusted settings just like the programmers and software developers.

How does online casino with an Android device work?

In order to be able to use the great opportunities and the range of entertainment offered, there are two possibilities for the Android operating system and the associated devices. Both versions have advantages and disadvantages and depending on the passion and playing behaviour one should consider both options in detail.
One can easily download the relevant apps on Google Play but in addition to this, a download is usually available directly from the online casino webpage. This service is only available for the Android users, while Apple, Windows Phone or Blackberry users unfortunately can not use this open system. When downloading on the casino website, the smartphone must be activated and the installation of programs from unknown sources must be enabled.

On the other hand, the use of the browser is also possible, in the technical jargon it’s called web application. In this case, the players access specific pages of the online casinos specially adapted for mobile games and then usually a corresponding link is showed. Sometimes all it needs is to send a text message with a link, which can be simply ordered.

Android via an app or browser – what’s better?

The download of an Android app for casino game has the advantage that even a weak Internet connection doesn’t cause any difficulties and one can start gambling smoothly almost immediately. This has advantages such as security and flexibility, but at the same time the app has to be installed on every Android device! This, in turn leads to an exclusive use of the smartphones, tablets and similar, where the small programs are available, while a device from for example, your friend, does not grant access to slots, roulette or others.

Browser gambling means more spontaneity and independence, one needs only the right online casino and then access to their pages. However, if the game is played in the browser and the Internet crashes, this can lead to big problems as casino games are often played with large sums of money and a loss due to technical restrictions is particularly unpleasant.

Android systems and slots

The selection of the games for the mobile phone is very large and, of course, slots come first in the product range. Gambling puts you in the mood, does not require any previous training and is equipped with a whole range of extras like progressive jackpots and bonus games. There are many manufacturers and every one of them sets its own priorities. Slots mobile apps are no problem at all for the Android operating system, so luckily you can win a fair amount of money, quickly and effortlessly!

Android systems and blackjack: card counting and winning

Although the main online casinos focus in the mobile products and apps is slots, it also needs a few classics and undoubtedly for the players it’s blackjack to start with. One should not expect too much here, since usually only the basic version is present. However, Internet casino providers are trying to improve Multi-hand Blackjack and especially the Live Dealer offer in the Internet casino in HD is a realistic, very exciting possibility to play the famous card game.

Android system and roulette: where does the ball land?

Besides slots and blackjack, there is also roulette, which is available through an Android mobile app. Again, the offer is still somewhat limited and you will mainly find European roulette, what is as we known is not a very big issue. Live roulette can also be enjoyed on the mobile phone and here different limits or bets are set, which are not normally allowed outside the live casino.

Are there other casino games and what should Android users generally pay attention to?

There are now a few apps for Android, like Video poker, Keno, Bingo and some variants of Poker are all available in a program. As this is constantly changing, it is advisable to take a look at the test pages where the online casinos are described in great detail and at the same time you can often a few helpful casino bonuses to help you start.

The gamble on the mobile phone is the very big trend and Android users should pay attention to a few other things in addition to the download and/or playing the game. Generally, the app should not mean profiteering or annoying updates, which cause frustration and therefore it’s advisable to review the offers in detail. The battery of the mobile phone is not very important, but during the game it shouldn’t be too close to switch off and an eye must be kept on the data limit of the Android phone or tablet. To save passwords on the device can be just as dangerous and whoever wants to deposit money online in the online casino should choose the most secure one-click transfers, which are usually transferred in real-time and available immediately.

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