Slots with and without download

If you are already actively playing at slot machines, you sooner or later ask yourself whether it’s time to try something new. So it may be that you have installed the software of a main casino on a computer but would like to play with an acquaintance. Then you have to inevitably consider how to do it. You can either ask the acquaintance for permission to install a casino software – usually he will not want it if he is not a player – or simply start the version without download. This does not have to be installed and can be played directly in the browser. The advantages are obvious, but will be further explained in this article. The advantages of the download version will be also described. Unfortunately, owners of Mac and Linux PCs are somewhat restricted in terms of casino software, but there is also a solution for these players.

Slots with Download

First of all, the still popular download of slots needs to be addressed. Many versions without download are new and innovative. However, the download versions were often used in 2012 and probably even beyond.

Advantages of download version

The advantages of a game machine download are obvious: Once the software is installed, you can start it with single double-click and you are then immediately connected to the server of the online casino. That’s it, you can start playing immediately. In addition, normally the download version offers much more games. This is especially critical in slots because there are often a few dozen games. In the download version all the slots are packed in one place, while in the version without download often only the most important and popular slots are on offer. So, the download version greatly differs from the no download version. However, it is certain that you can enjoy more benefits by downloading the slots.

History of downloads

The history of software development is very interesting and fast-moving. Today, software is quite different from what it was 10 years ago, even though the main operating system, Windows, has just slightly changed. Although, the software developers are afraid that there might be a big paradigm shift and that Windows will be replaced overnight. If, for example, there were three different operating systems with similar market shares, one would have to develop the software for all three. This means greater expenses for the development, worse margins for the providers and then it is also questionable whether one can still play in the casino with a fair house advantage.

Such a development is currently seen on the mobile market. While it was previously possible to reach the majority of all smartphone users with an iPhone application, it is now necessary to develop an iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile 7 apps. This, of course, involves a lot of effort.

But back to the actual topic, the history of the slot machines download. The online casinos came to light at a time when the Internet was still at it’s very beginning. People were mainly using Internet Explorer (which was already installed with Windows) and had relatively similar surfing habits. As a vendor, you could sell simple software that you could install on your hard drive. These applications are familiar to everyone and even today, every PC is based on it. The browser you currently use was also installed normally.

However, times have changed and mainly through the Internet. Theoretically, you do not need an Internet for such software because you can also buy a CD. In the beginning, online casinos in this area were very active and distributed CDs, so you could conveniently install the online casino. Nowadays working with the PC takes place almost exclusively on the Internet. It can be on Facebook or Google. If you Today, you can play on Facebook without needing to download the games. Theoretically, you can also download an online casino as a Facebook app – if it’s allowed. Through innovations such as Java, complex images can be displayed directly in the browser.

The download is not dead and it will remain in existence. However, as an online casino, you must always be on your guard and observe the players’ habits. In the near future, it is possible that you will play only in the browser or, for example, on Facebook.

Download for Mac and Linux

If you have a Mac or Linux-PC, you often lose out to casinos. For many this is incomprehensible, after all there are a lot of Mac users and also Linux has became a preferred operating system for many. Nevertheless, there is still no single online casino which offers a download version for Mac or Linux. The reason for this is relatively simple: developing a special version for one of these operating systems would cost the online casino a lot of money. The costs are out of all proportion to the benefit because even as a Mac or Linux player you can play slots without a download. For more information, see the article under the heading Slots for Mac and Linux .

The new trend: play without downloading in the browser

New trend is actually exaggerated for two reasons. On one hand, it is not a real trend because that would mean that more and more people would play without a download. It may be more but a rapid rise is not visible. And “new” is also exaggerated because slot machines without download have been around for quite some time.

The fact is, that there are casino software vendors, which only have a version without download, for example Net Entertainment. It remains to be seen whether this model will succeed.

The advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the version without download are easy to explain: the advantage above all is that you do not need to download. The disadvantages are:

  1. The download may take several minutes
  2. Installation may also take a few minutes
  3. The downloaded software takes up valuable memory space

But that’s not all, because the version without download also has some advantages that should not be neglected. The slots without download can be played on any PC without having to install the software. This brings us back to the above mentioned topic: what do you do if you want to play on another PC? The solution is to simply play without downloading. Although it always takes a little bit of time until the application is loaded, but then it can be played immediately. A drawback of the browser version is that usually incomplete versions are offered, which can be annoying. They are usually available in many designs. Nevertheless, in the browser version at least the most popular slots are considered, so you should have enough choice.

Slots for Mac and Linux

As already mentioned, it is possible to play directly in the browser without downloading and most browsers are also compatible with all operating systems, that means you don’t have any problems to access these versions with Mac and Linux. Also with the somewhat bulky Safari browser it is possible to play in a casino without download. This is actually the only way you can play as Linux or Mac player at slots, because a download version is currently not existent and will very likely not exist in the near future.

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