Real money casino games for Apple: iPhone, iPad and iOS

As a manufacturer of innovative technology, Apple is enormously popular in mobile phone sector and this has a direct impact on online gambling. Today you can play directly on the iPhone or iPad and even the recently launched Smartwatch will make gambling possible. Despite it’s popularity, iOS is by no means as open and flexible as the operating system of Apple, as for example Google Android and all the slots on the Internet are not easily available with the otherwise flexible devices of the manufacturer.

How does online casino fit with the Apple iOS?

With Steve Jobs, Apple was almost certainly pursuing the goal of permanently controlling the global market of apps and devices, therefore the company’s iOS system is closed and hardly flexible. If somebody is looking for a casino app on the Internet, they would look first in the App Store iTunes but may not always find what they want. The manufacturer may have a problem with online casinos or perhaps the competition and therefore it’s quite hard for Apple users to find really native apps.

Many online casinos shy away from the collaboration and prefer to develop for Android but of course the offers for Apple grow continuously to a considerable selection. If, however, there is no application for the casino game or casino provider on iTunes, then iOS locks itself against a download directly from the website and one must then select the game directly in the browser. After all, this is not really a problem because the Internet casinos have special mobile pages and everything can be seen on the small screen of the iPhone.

Download or browser: what’s the difference?

Some players swear by the apps on iTunes and emphasise that these small programs make themselves completely independent and you have to fear interruption even with a bad Internet connection. If the app is installed, it usually runs smoothly and the iPad or all the other Apple devices allow an uncomplicated access to the online casino, no matter when and where the players feel like playing it.

Others, on the other hand, consider the apps for iOS to be particularly inflexible and point to the fact that the software must be installed on every device! For example, if you forget your iPhone and want to have a game while travelling by train, you can borrow a device but then you need to download the app again. For this reason the gamble in the browser on the iPhone is quite widespread, although the manufacturer’s refusal to open up for online casinos and their mobile offers also leads to the use of the browser. However, if the Internet crashes, it can lead to painful experiences and sometimes to a loss of just gained profits.

Apple, iOS and slots on the mobile phone

Both Apple and other operating systems offer the entire gaming establishment, which can be found in the Internet and consequentially slots are also present. They can be played easily and quickly, require little knowledge and can be enjoyed in the online casino over mobile apps in a wide selection. No matter what manufacturer you like – on the Internet and mobile phone you can find more and more slot machines that include great extras and features. Although, you should pay attention to the compatibility. An app or up-to-date website doesn’t say anything about the quality of the mobile slots and frequently some games are simply too overloaded and are better enjoyed on the larger iPad.

Blackjack and iPhone

The second most famous card game in the world is also available for Apple devices and iOS systems. The only downside is that online casinos normally offer blackjack in the basic version, probably simply because they are unwilling to program so many exotic and different variants of this game and you just have to accept it for a while. In addition to the classic edition, blackjack is also playable on the mobile phone or iPhone at the Live Dealer Casino with real dealers, webcam and HD transmission and all in the real time. This certainly adds excitement!

And what about mobile roulette on the Apple device?

Even though the mobile casino products and features of the apps for iOS are still quite sparse, roulette is the game with excellence in the vast majority of Internet casinos. Similar to blackjack, the roulette on an iPhone or iPad is limited to the classic European version but also here is worth to check out the Live Dealer Casino. There, pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen turn the wheel in real time and let the ball roll, what makes the game in the Internet fascinating. At the same time, it’s only a matter of time before roulette finally has additional versions. Finally, gamblers and users of the Apple devices are always interested in further developments and innovations in casino games.

What to look out for

Each player should check their own habits and then choose the right online casino along with an app for Apple. If no app is present, then one just gambles in the browser but should always pay attention to a battery of the iPhone. In addition, it is not recommended to dial into the Internet via the public spots as one will often spend a lot of money on slot machines, roulette and blackjack but who can guarantee the security of WiFi from some unreliable source?

It is difficult to say whether Apple will open the relatively inflexible, closed iOS operating system in the future and whether more casinos will offer their games in the iTunes store. However, an expansion of the selection is always progressing and so more and more slots and other casino games will come out.

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