Playing in online casinos

CasinoFreakz is a project where casino gamblers can share their experience with other players. Therefore we would like to provide wide-ranging articles about various casino games and transparent online casino experiences. We are putting the interests of visitors first and encouraging them to participate. You are welcome to share your opinion about a certain online casino because will help other casino players to decide whether to register at that online casino. It is not important what the providers say about their page, but what the majority of the players says. Only so you can separate good from less good or even untrustworthy online casinos.

Casino Experiences

Have you had bad experiences at a casino? Haven’t received your bonus? Did you have problems with payments? Are you dissatisfied with their games? Or would you like to catch other casino players’ attention to a great promotion or a high bonus? Then you are at the right place. We have set ourselves a goal to provide an independent and comprehensive platform, controlled by all casino players who wish to participate.

Online Casino Games

With our casino experience, we want to prevent other players from falling into untrustworthy casinos. It’s a pity, but these casinos still exist and it is important to be warned adequately. Actually, this is the most important thing to avoid when playing in online casinos. Of course, there is also gambling addiction, which is also an important topic. It is very easy to deposit money online and you can quickly exceed your limit. Above all, playing in online casinos is all about fun and entertainment. If you think that you are going beyond this limit, you should try to play less often. If this is not possible, you should refer to an institution against gambling.


For many, it is the best game ever and not without a reason. Since the roulette exists, there are people who try to crack this game. What really appeals roulette gamblers is the fact that you just need to put different strategies together and hope to achieve success. There is nothing like this in slots or video poker. At roulette you have a lot of possible applications, which go beyond the turn. Both live and an online roulette are very appealing to the majority of casino players and therefore we will bring a great deal to this game at CasinoFreaz.


Slots is that kind of casino game, which always excites me. This is because every day millions of people play at slots, even though there is hardly any casino game with fewer strategies and possibilities. Online slots must have something to offer, otherwise it won’t be that popular. It is probably the unbelievably huge jackpots and winning opportunities that make the whole thing so exciting. If progressive jackpots are involved, you can win millions of euros. Such wins are distributed daily, even if it sounds absolutely unrealistic. Moreover, there are many different slots so the variety is without limits and every player can find the right slot machine where he can gamble for a while.


Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino game and probably everyone has played it at least once. Not necessarily in the casino, but for the fun one has certainly came into contact with this game. Just since the online blackjack became available, the game experienced a new boom. As with roulette, there are many strategies that you can try. You can beat blackjack, what means you can make a profit in the long run. Unfortunately, some limits are now set and card counting is quickly discovered and prohibited by the casinos. However, Blackjack is a game that not only offers great entertainment but it is also one of the most fair casino games when it comes to payouts.

Video Poker

Video Poker is available in different versions and is also often played. Especially for poker players, this version is very popular because they can identify themselves through it. Of course it is only conditionally comparable to a real poker game against real opponents, but the principle remains the same and one wins with the best hand. If you are lucky enough to get a Royal Flush, you can count on a really good payout. Furthermore, in video poker players have quite a lot of possibilities and can decide for themselves which and how many cards they want to exchange.