Real money games on the Windows Phone and the operating systems of niche manufacturers

If you enjoy playing games in the online casino, today you have an excellent possibility to use your phone or tablet to do it. Of course, the service for casino games is not necessarily very generous or flexible for all mobile operating systems and it is necessary to find the most suitable variant by comparing and reviewing the offers. Especially for Windows Phone and Blackberry users it may be hard to access most casinos. So how can these devices be considered and is it worth to play slots, roulette or blackjack with the niche manufacturers?

Problem with the apps

Apple users have iTunes and Google Play is available for Android. Similar is for Blackberry and Windows Phone, but the problem lies in the details and distribution: while Android and iOS are widespread in the whole world, niches are left behind and who thinks about positioning themselves with an unusual manufacturer usually comes last in the online casino area. The providers as well as the programmers understandably invest for the majority people and rarely the outsiders. Therefore app shops such as the one for Blackberry World show very few references to this or that online casino. Sometimes there are clones of official, native apps but if you really want to play flexibly and completely, you have to rely on other possibilities.

How does the real money gambling work in the browser?

Since there are almost no good apps for Blackberry and Windows Phone, we recommend to gamble in your browser on the Internet casino website. The whole thing is also called a web application and is used directly on pages designed for mobile casino. These websites are tuned to the smartphones screens and can be used with most devices, since one simply needs an Internet access. Most of the time you can find a link on the online casino webpage but sometimes it can also be sent by SMS or email. Also the test pages on casino games are easily accessible to the relevant offers. Particularly because this way is so simple, the software developers for Blackberry and Windows Phone do not create any apps and even if this appears somewhat unfair, this is primarily because of economical reasons.

No matter whether slots or table games – gambling in the browser has some special features. Especially the Internet connection must be both secure and stable, otherwise high profits can be lost and it may be difficult to claim lost money even with the most understanding online casino. The public Wifi is often targeted by hackers, what does not make gambling for real money safer! As an user of unusual operating systems, you should therefore play at home, keep an eye on the battery of your mobile phone or smartphone as well as data memory as not all Internet providers have the same amount of space.

Casino games at a glance: slots, blackjack and roulette for mobile phones

Today, mobile casino offers a huge and colourful selection of games, so that every gambler comes at his own expense. Of course, the range is still limited compared to the usual online casino and there is a high backlog demand in the table and board games. Of course, the browser games required for Windows Phone users also provide many opportunities in the mobile version and the classics of gambling are always among the best.

Slots are popular not just because of their simple design! In fact, online casinos offer a whole portfolio of opportunities, so there are lots of extras and even constantly growing jackpots. The variety of topics is endless, ranging from fruit games on arcade slots to the innovative slots. We encourage to try them out and who wants to test it and practice in a quiet environment, can use the casino bonus available on the Internet.

Also real classics like blackjack and roulette are available on mobile devices but are usually possible only in a few versions. Blackberry and Windows Phone users are deliberately opting for remote operating systems and it may become an issue if they want to play an unusual version of the roulette on the mobile phone. However, gambling on the browser is comfortable because the usual big layout of casino games is adapted to small screens.

Real money, game money or both?

Not everyone wants to gamble immediately with a very big sum of money and you may need a little bit of practice at the beginning. Local casinos do not have a possibility to do so but online casinos usually offer a bonus on your deposits and the games themselves are available either in real money or game money versions. For Windows Phone and Blackberry users it doesn’t matter how an app is positioned, so it is recommended to look for the game providers by themselves. If any of the slots allow playing with game money, exercise and training, then this can be of advantage because the casino bonus is not always the best choice. These bonuses are subject to certain conditions and not everyone can understand them in detail which then leads to frustration if profits are suddenly not considered real and could not be withdrawn!

If, however, a slot is played both with real money and directly in the browser without registration, then this is definitely an advantage. Finally, the fortune decides who will win, not the operating system and that triggers the practising and the willingness to risk courageously in the online casino.

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