Online roulette strategies and systems

Since the roulette exists there are many who try to win money and not only in one evening but they want to make money in the long-term. It is obvious that many have an idea to use the game for a new source of income. However, roulette has a completely different appeal. While most players realise that they have no way to beat the casino at slots, many of them believe it is possible to do this with a sophisticated roulette strategy. There is a very well-known quote from Albert Einstein on this subject: “The only way to beat roulette is to steal the money when the dealer’s not looking” ( source ).

This article is intended to answer the following questions: is roulette a game that you can beat? What different roulette strategies are there? What roulette systems are there and how do they differ from the strategies? Is it useful to stick to specific strategies?

The best roulette strategies in a glance

In the following, the most popular roulette strategies will be presented and evaluated. Caution, we do not claim that these strategies guarantee profits or that you will succeed with them. It is merely a summary of the best and most popular strategies.


The martingale strategy is certainly the best known strategy and if you are interested in roulette, it is doubtful that you have never heard of this strategy. Perhaps duplication strategy also tells you something, because that is in principle the martingale strategy.

With this strategy you bet on a simple chance like black or red. If you win, you just keep going and start again. However, if you lose, you double the amount to the same easy chance once again. So if you put on black and it comes red, just put the double on black until black comes. At some point black will come and then you have your bet back again as well as a small profit.

This strategy sounds like a safe choice because no one seriously believes that an easy opportunity will come many times. This is not the case but casinos are not stupid. Therefore, there is a table limit which sets the maximum times you can double. You can only set as much as the table limit allows and no more. So if you double too many times and hit the limit, you have a big problem.

And that is exactly what makes the martingale strategy a further strategy that will not bring any profits in the long term. Although you will often go home with small winnings but a day will come when you have to put your entire table limit and might lose it.


The paroli strategy is the exact opposite of the martingale strategy. You start with a bet on even chances but if you win, you leave the original bet and the win on the same field and play again. If you win again, you leave the bet and the win on that field again. If the third time is also successful, you can take the winnings and start from the beginning. This would be a so-called triple paroli. There are also double, quadruple, quintuple etc. depending on how much you want to risk. The bigger the paroli, the greater the profit but at the same time it becomes more unlikely.

The paroli strategy uses simple trends shamelessly and makes it possible to win a lot of money with little money. After all, you only need the original bet and everything what happens next is left to chance. This strategy is recommended if you want a lot of action and you like to have a lot at stake.

Can I beat roulette?

First of all, it is necessary to define the term ‘beat’. This is rather a colloquial phrase for the term ‘make money’ or the possibility to make profit in the long term. Surely you can make money in every casino game by simply having luck. The question, which one must ask themselves is whether it is possible to win the roulette in the long term. Not in single sessions but for days, weeks, months and years. At the end of a year you have to be able to take stock and say – yes, after 10.000 played turns I have won 12.000 euros. That would be a relatively clear sign that the game was beaten. But is this really possible?

The simple answer, which was probably puzzled by many is a no. As Einstein said, it is not possible to win at roulette in the long run and he has spent many years of his life figuring out if he can have an advantage over the casino. And the answer is not the one you often hear, otherwise certain games won’t be offered at the casino if they are easily beaten. Rather, the ball has no memory and does not care whether the last turn was red or black. And there is zero, which always gives the casino an advantage. If you want to beat roulette, you need an application with a positive expectation. But this is not the case in any of the strategies, even if you analyse past data.

The only way is to manipulate the game table or steal chips, like Einstein once said. Because if you succeed in manipulating the game table in some way, you can also influence the outcome to your favour and make some profits. As long as you are not able to build a wheel catcher and successfully use in a casino, you will not succeed in making money in roulette long term.

The best roulette strategists and ‘pros’

If roulette is not to be beat, why are there so many who claim that they have found a roulette strategy from which they can also live? There are such cases and a more differentiated approach is required in this matter. In various roulette forums you can find players who are talking about their strategies. Here one must ask oneself whether he believes them or not.

The fact is that the Internet gives everyone the opportunity to show themselves anonymously. I can also write in a forum that I am professional cherry stone spitter and thus earn 5000 euros a month. Similarly, you can claim that you are a professional roulette player. This does not alter the fact that it is often simply wrong. If you then look at the frequent proofs, you usually notice that the selected periods are simply too short. If I leave the table in 10 consecutive sessions with a decent profit, that does not mean anything. Luck, or rather the variance can be persistent and long, take a look at (roulette probabilities
). Proof that a strategy is successful can only be demonstrated if it has proved its profitability over a sufficient period of time. The martingale strategy is a very good example for this. This is a strategy with extremely high variance, for example, in 8 out of 9 cases players usually leave the casino with a small profit but in the one out of 9 cases lose their whole bankroll. If you have won only 8 times, it does not mean that you play with a positive expectation value and will be successful in the long run.

Difference between system and strategy

It’s important to distinguish between these two terms because they are often used as synonyms but actually mean different things. A strategy is a ‘complete plan of how the player will behave in any possible game situation’. For more see (Wikipedia). This means a player reacts according to the result. At the martingale, for example, if a players sees that red is coming and the bet was lost so he puts the double bet again on black.

However, a system is a particular form of strategy that attempts to process as much information as possible and use it as a basis for decision-making. In concrete terms, this means that past data is evaluated and profit probabilities determined. A good example of that is a software that watches a roulette table and collects the results. Then you get information how often in a row came red or black. The theory states that there are tables that can show such trends where often comes only one colour. That table shouldn’t be chosen for a martingale strategy. The system is therefore to analyse data and to derive a strategy.